The River Market History

The River Market was built from deconstructed simple local wooden houses into its contemporary but classic traditional style. Using hand tools and traditional Lanna craftwork this recreated building showcases contemporary architecture using design elements and materials from the past.

The history of the River Market restaurant in Chiang Mai.

Overlooking the iron bridge, where elephants once moved big teak logs down the Ping River, The River Market, is an outstanding example of the will to keep alive old traditions. It is in many ways the epitome of fusion architecture – the combination of a beautiful Lanna and Burmese and colonial-style structure with modern facilities and convenience. It retains the atmosphere of Chiang Mai past. Its decor is  reminiscent of the teakwood trade era, the time of the teak barons, a time when people from many cultures introduced their lifestyle, their art and decor and blended it with the Lanna and Burmese style.

The building was built with 95% recycled wood. The types of wood used are two to three times harder than teak and the colours of the wood range from golden to light red to dark cherry. The high ceiling and roof structure was designed for the air circulation and to keep the building cool on the hottest days. This building literally breaths.

At the River Market, quality is our passion. Its begin with our selection of finest ingredients, inspired by the changing of the seasons. It shows in the freshness of our recipes and the loving presentation of each and every dish. It can be felt in the classic tradition of our building and decor and it extends to the warm welcome of our dedicated service staffs.